Friday, September 16, 2011

Which future are we aiming for in the project?

Although project groups will work on their own, it is a good idea to more-or-less agree on what kind of framework we have in this project as a whole.

When we talk about "The future of radio" and "Radio of the future" in this course and in your projects, we are talking about a future that lies 10-20 years ahead of us (2021-2031).

In previous years we have limited the course to a Swedish perspective (e.g. Sweden 10-20 years from now), but, with international students now taking the course, we open it up for also non-Swedish perspectives - for example pan-European or global perspectives.

Although the focus thus does not have to lie exclusively on Sweden, we would like you to not drop the Swedish perspective altogether. As a minimum and for your results to make sense, you have to at least use Sweden as an object of comparison.

You are welcome to discuss your proposed perspective(s) further with Daniel and Åke as the project phase starts up.

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