Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Visit to Swedish Radio Mon Oct 3

The "lecture" on Monday is not really a lecture, but rather a visit to Swedish Radio.

Our contact person at SR is very busy with organizing the Radio Day (Thursday), so I don't have a lot of info about our visit at the moment beyond the fact that will probably meet someone who will talk about "future strategies", someone else who will talk about "business intelligence" [omvÀrldsbevakning] and perhaps someone who will talk about SR's presence in mobile phones.

I do have some practical information though:

- The program starts at 13.00 for a duration of two hours (at the most).
- We will be in the "Radio House" [Radiohuset] - Oxenstiernsgatan 20. You can walk there in 30 minutes at a brisk pace (see map below) or you can take bus number 4 from KTH to the bus station "Radiohuset". The trip takes 10 minutes and there are buses every 5 minutes.
- We don't have to go to the reception, but will rather go directly to "Studio 5". This studio is the studio furtherest away from the entrance/near the reception.

That's the practical information you need, I will get back with some supplementary info (probably on Friday) when I know more about our visit.


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