Friday, September 9, 2011

Seminar 2 - instructions and links

In february this year Mats Svegfors, Director General, and Cilla Benkö, Deputy Director General of Swedish Radio, initiated an ambitious attempt to write a book on the future of radio, and other media, together with the audience – “Journalism 3.0 Media Ecology and the Future”. They published a series of chapters, in both Swedish and English (and as sound files in both languages) to open up the dialogue and to make the “book”, or website, a forum for lively debate. Since then, the “book” seems to have been transformed into a blogg, at least the Swedish site.

The assignment for seminar 2 is that you should:

- read and/or listen to 1) the preface, 2) the first chapter, and 3) the chapter “Radio, a reborn 85-years old”, either on the Swedish (more lively) site or the (more booklike) English site

- write a short review in English, in 50-150 words, where you present an argument about the book and/or its content. The argument could focus on the initiative as such (the management of public service radio inviting listener feedback in this form), on layout of chapters (missing perspectives, or particularly important ones), on the view of the future of radio as presented in the book, or, for Swedish speaking students, the character of the blogg posts.


  1. Specific info about seminar 2:
    Half the class (family names starting with letter A-H) will meet in seminar room K53 on Friday September 16. The other half of the class (family names starting with letter I-Å) will meet in seminar room Q36 at 13-15 on Thursday September 15. For further instructions about how to prepare for the seminar,

  2. See

  3. Is it possible for me to attend the seminar on Friday as I (and probably a lot of others) have a clash with MJ2673 on Thursday. I wouldn't want to miss a seminar because of that.

  4. Yes, you should print it and bring it!