Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guest Lecture 12 - Sept 28 (15-17) - Claire Wardle

Time and place: Wednesday September 28, 15-17 in lecture hall B3

Title: "Moving beyond broadcasting: Digital technologies and collaborative radio"
Guest: Dr. Claire Wardle, Digital consultant (BBC College of Journalism)"

Talk: The majority of broadcasters now understand the power of social media for driving audiences to their output, and most radio stations, programs and presenters have Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. The majority however are not using them effectively, simply transferring broadcasting skills to a social environment. "Up next, we're talking about the Olympics..." This talk will examine some of the most successful uses of social media by radio stations across the world, and will focus on the need to build collaborative approaches. Rather than seeing social media as either an information source or a broadcast channel, I will discuss how successful community building initiatives can create incredible content as well as effectively engage existing audiences and connect with new audiences.

About: Claire Wardle, Ph.D. is a former academic who now works as a digital strategist and trainer, specializing in the use of social media by public service broadcasters across the world. She has worked most extensively with the BBC, developing and delivering different digital training courses as well as tailored social media consultancy to over 2000 persons from across the organization. She has also worked with broadcast organizations, charities and businesses in Europe, Australia and Africa.

Literature: Claire Wardle and Andrew Williams, "ugc@thebbc: Understanding its impact upon contributors, non-contributors and BBC News". On user-generated content and the BBC.

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