Monday, September 26, 2011

Guest Lecture 14 - Sept 29 (8-10) - Anna Swartling

Time and place: Thursday September 29, 8-10 in lecture hall D3.

Title: "Project TEAM work"
Guest: Anna Swartling, Usability architect at Scania CV AB

Talk: Successful project depend on a well functioning project team. But what does that mean in practice? In this seminar, we will examine and discuss this together. We will primarily focus on team work, leadership, communication and conflict management.

About: Anna Swartling is currently working at Scania, one of the premier truck and bus companies in the world. She has a Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction from KTH. She has long experience of team work and leadership from a variety of different positions and businesses, including KTH school projects, team manager, project manager for computer systems development projects as well as being an actor and a director in theater productions, chairman of several boards and research projects.
Literature: Anna doesn't have any specific suggestions for literature, but I, Daniel, have. Please read the text on "Interdisciplinary cooperation" which is accessible in Bilda (Administrative/Literature/110929 Kim.pdf). Although the example in the text is about the difficulties of computer scientists cooperating with graphic designers, the lessons are applicable far beyond this specific case.

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