Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guest Lecture 16 - Oct 4 (13-15) - Lars Jonsson

Time and place: Tuesday October 4, 13-15 in lecture hall L1

Title: "Digital radio - future trends"
Guest: Lars Jonsson, Technical strategist at Swedish Radio (SR)

Talk: This presentation covers the alternatives for Digital Radio now used in Europe and world wide. Streaming live services - web radio over the Internet to cell phones and PCs are now gaining momentum as compared to Digital Radio via transmitters. Different options and technical systems such as DAB, DAB+ etc. will be examined. Radio DNS is a new international standardization initiative which can link FM, DAB+ and web radio to for the benefit of listeners, irrespective of which technical system they use. The current situation in Sweden for the roll-out of Digital Radio is wait and see from politicians, Public Service and commercial radio. Other countries, such as the UK, Norway and Denmark have millions of DAB receivers and now consider the time scale for the close-down of their FM services.

About: Lars Jonsson was born in 1949 and received an M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in 1972. He has worked with developments in Swedish Public Service TV and Radio broadcasting since then. During the last decades, Lars has worked on digital radio, archiving, audio computer infrastructure and network projects within Swedish Radio. He has been active in many standards working groups with the Audio Engineering Society and European Broadcasting Union (EBU). He currently chairs the EBU Audio Contribution over IP working group, and is also the vice chair of the EBU strategic group of Future Networks and Storage.


  1. Hello Daniel,

    There is a lecture scheduled on the 30 of September from 8 to 10, but, there was no information about it on the blog.

    I would like to ask if it is going to take place.
    Thank you.

  2. The lecture is cancelled. It was announced in this post:

  3. Thanks Marco! This is why I love the blog. I put my kids to sleep yesterday and fell asleep myself... I think it's great that a student's question can be answered by another student who has the information in question.