Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guest Lecture 11 - Sept 28 (13-15) - Nino Cirone

Time and place: Wednesday September 28, 13-15 in lecture hall B3

Title: "10 things you should know about audiences"
Guest: Nino Cirone, Director, Broadcast Research Ltd

Talk: This talk will comprise of a 10 point guide on the motivations of audiences, triggers and elements that prompt media consumption, as well as some emerging trends in the media world.

About: With over 20 years experience, Nino began his career by conducting qualitative research groups for broadcasters and program makers. In 2000 he and his partners sold the company and moved over to Fremantle Media where he became a Program Strategist. His primary responsibility was to look for existing and emerging audience and program trends, as well as to understand audience behavior in a multimedia, multiplatform environment. Nino started his consultancy 5 years ago, concentrating mainly on his previous work on audience trends and introducing training sessions and workshops for pitching and development.


  1. Hejsan,
    jag kan inte hitta någon information om det tillfället som är inlagt nu på torsdag 29/9 (Le Innehåll och uttryck i media Innehåll och uttryck i media).

    Kommer eventuellt inte kunna närvara på det tillfället.


  2. Answer to the Swedish-language question above:

    There is a lecture on Thursday morning (8-10) as well as an International guest in the afternoon (info will be published on the blog tomorrow).