Monday, September 26, 2011

Seminar 4 instructions (Fri Sept 30 at 10-12 in L52)

Our next seminar will be held on Friday this week. DO NOTE that we all meet in L52.

Here are the instructions for how to prepare for the 4th and last seminar. You know the drill -it will be the same set-up as last week but with a twist (in bold style below). I will post a list of topics directly following this blog post.

1) Read through all the (currently 22) radio- and future-related topics in the blog post directly following this blog post. I'm bringing back three popular topics from last week for a second chance to be selected.

2) Since we have three International guest lecturers on Wednesday, it could be that we would like to extend the list with a couple of more suggestions for topics on Wednesday. I will therefore give you the link to cast your Doodle-votes in a separate blog post on Wednesday night. You will have all day Thursday to vote for your three favorite topics. These are the topics you could imagine yourself working with during the project phase, or, that you at least would like another group to work with during the project phase

3). You don't need to write or bring anything to this seminar except your own selves.

4) NOTE: We all meet in the seminar room L52 for initial information. Please be on time as we will divide you into seminar groups as soon as possible after we start!

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