Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lack of "sufficient" activity on the companion blog!

I have invited everyone who takes the course (who is registered to it) to become an author in the companion blog Future of Radio/Radio of the future. In fact, it is a requirement that each individual shows some level of activity online during the start-up phase (see this previous blog post that spells out what exactly that means).

Of those 77 persons invited, 56 have accepted the invitation (and can now write blog posts), but 21 have not (yet) accepted the invitation. Out of the 56, only around 15 persons have however actually posted something to the blog (not counting those few comments on other people's blog posts). Please also see my recent blog post about Daniel Johansson's lecture last week as an example of what you can write about (your post doesn't have to be as long as mine though).

I've invited everyone two and in some cases three times and I just now sent out a new invitation to those 21 who have not accepted these invitation yet. I know that most of you forward the mail that comes to your KTH account. In at least a couple of cases there are spam filters somewhere in-between that hides these invitations (do note that while the invitation is initiated by me, it is sent to you by Blogger). I just now (less than 15 minutes ago) sent out a new batch of invitations so please check your mail carefully if you think you have not received an invitation before!

And by all means, post stuff to the blog or comment on each other's blog posts. You still have another 2-3 weeks to meet the requirements ("contributing to the 'class conversation online' at least two times during the start-up phase"). While seminars are great, we only have four of them and there are so many people at the seminars that very of little of everything that could be said gets said in those precious 100 minutes!

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