Monday, September 19, 2011

Guest Lecture 10 - Sept 23 (8-10) - Kerstin Morast

Time and place: Friday September 23, 8-10 in lecture hall D3

Title: "Broadcasted radio - towards digitalization?"
Guest: Kerstin Morast, Head of licensing division, The Swedish Broadcasting Authority [Myndigheten för radio och TV]"

Talk: The Swedish Broadcasting Authority shall promote freedom of expression and support the possibilities for diversity and accessibility in radio and television. The authority shall also follow the development in the media field. This presentations gives a brief overview of the regulatory framework. It also summarizes the conclusions from a survey on the future of radio that the authority conducted in 2008. To follow the timeline the authority presented a strategy on digital commercial radio this spring and is now preparing a licensing process.

About: Kerstin is a bureaucrat at the Swedish Radio and TV Authority. She states that there really isn't that much more to say about her.

Literature: Read chapter 3, "Starting points", and chapter 4, "Radio in change" (pages 20-27) in the The Swedish Radio and TV Authority's report "The futue of radio" (2008).

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