Friday, September 9, 2011

Guest Lecture 06 - Sept 13 (10-12) - Roger Wallis

Time and place: Tuesday September 13, 10-12 in lecture hall L52, BUT, I will try to change to a better lecture hall so please check back!

Title: "The development of radio - past, present and future"
Guest: Roger Wallis, professor emeritus at Media Technology, KTH

Talk: This talk is based on five decades of interacting with radio, both as a consumer and as a producer behind the microphone.
To understand media development one has to focus on three types of factors and their mutual interaction: cultural, technological and financial. The lecture will trace the development of radio focusing on these factors. With examples from personal experiences, the lecture will take us through the development of forms of distribution (AM, FM radio, satellites, cable, Internet), available choice, the changing concept of "public service" etc. This leads into a look into the future. Will Internet radio, where anyone in theory can be his or her own producer, provide the the big guarantee for diversity of output? Or will streamlining tendencies, often couples to concentration of ownership of media companies, lead to all of getting more and more of the same.

About: Roger Wallis has worked in both radio and TV for over 4 decades, both with music and documentary programs as well as with news gathering/presentation. He has written books on the music and news industries. Roger Wallis has been a professor in the Department of Media Technology and Graphic Arts since 1999.

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