Monday, September 12, 2011

Changes in the schedule - international guest & more

As I mentioned at the introductory lecture, the "Radio day" (Radiodagen) will be held in Stockholm on Thursday September 29. I did some internet research and sent off e-mails to those international speakers that will pass Stockholm by and that seemed most interesting in relation to our course. Their response was overwhelming and each one of them accepted the invitation to come and give a talk at the Royal Institute of Technology and our course on "The future of radio". These lectures have been added to the schedule:
  • Wed Sept 28 at 13-15, Nino Cirone, Director, Broacast Research Ltd, "10 things you should know about your audiences".
  • Wed Sept 28 at 15-17, Dr. Clair Wardle, Digital Consultant (BBC College of Journalism), "Moving beyond broadcasting: Digital technologies and collaborative radio"
  • Wed Sept 28 at 17-19, Nancy Updike, producer and reporter at the radio show "This American Life", "Radio is better than other media and I can prove it"
  • Thu Sept 29 at 14-15 (Note: this is a 60-minute lecture), Simon Redican and Mark Barber, Managing Director & Planning Director, Radio Advertising Bureau, "Media and the mood of the nation"
  • Tue Oct 11 at 13-15, Valerie Geller, President, Geller Media Internation Broadcast Consultants/Training, "Becoming a more powerful communicator"
The line-up for Sept 28 is so strong that I will invite others (from beyond our course) to come to these lectures.

One lecture (today's) have been dropped from the schedule and a few more will also most probably disappear during the coming few weeks.

Do also note that there won't be a lecture, but rather a visit ["studiebesök"] to Swedish Radio on Monday October 3 after lunch. It's not too far away from KTH and they are putting together a tailor-made program just for us (more info will follow later).

I have also added a final lecture on October 13 in case a guest lecturer becomes ill and/or as a resource for shorter "mini-lectures" by students who did not fully meet the requirements for attendance during the start-up phase (more info will follow later).

Finally, do note that after October 13 and during the rest of the autumn, the whole class will meet only once (for our "mid-term critique") before we meet up at the end of the project, in December. The mid-term critique has not been scheduled yet and will not be scheduled until the beginning of October.

For more information about the the international guest lectures, see the online (updated) schedule here.

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