Monday, September 12, 2011

Guest Lecture 07 - Sept 15 (8-10) - Daniel Johansson

Time and place: Thursday September 15, at 8-10 in lecture hall V2.

Title: "When everyone becomes a radio channel"
Guest: Daniel Johansson, CEO of TrendMaze

Talk: Daniel will present how the shift from analogue to digital technologies for music distribution has influenced radio. In fact, Daniel argues that everything around radio has changed. Is listening to a Spotify playlist recieved from the Sveriges Radio P3 API on radio or something else? Is a video recording from the studio during a live show at Mix Megapol that is published on YouTube radio or something else? And, how has decentralized distribution technologies changed filtering mechanisms within the radio business and what are the challenges for the future?

About: Daniel Johansson is the CEO of TrendMaze, a music industry firm working with artists like The Ark, Erik Hassle, Agnes, Orup, Eric Gadd, Vincent Pontare and many others. He is editor at and is also a Ph.D. researcher in computer science.

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