Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Doodle-vote for seminar 4 topics

I think we are all tired after a long afternoon of lectures. I did add only one more suggestion for a topic. See all 23 topic here and VOTE for your three favorites here today (Wednesday) or tomorrow!


23. Radio as the master storyteller medium
Nancy Updike passionately argued that human being are hardwired to listen to stories, and that radio isn't old-fashioned, but rather a timeless medium for telling stories. Radio is intimate; the reporter is right next the person being interviewed in the sofa and radio is right in the listeners ear. Radio is also inexpensive both in terms of time and money, so you can afford to throw out and redo something, or try something that would be much more expensive on TV. This group will describe the future of radio and why radio rules!

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