Thursday, September 1, 2011

Guest Lecture 04 - Sept 08 (9.00-10) - Charlie Gullström & Ori Merom

Comment: Beyond guest lectures about different aspects of radio, we also have two lectures that are more oriented towards supporting your projects and working in project groups. This is the first, and the aim is to support you in the design process and in helping you to think about ways of visualizing and making your project ideas "come to life" through concrete "design representations". In this course, project groups in have most typically done this through making a film, but other alternatives are also possible. /Daniel


Time and place: Thursday September 8, 9.00-10.00 in lecture hall D2. Do note the time - this is a 60-minute lecture!

Title: "On design thinking and sketching as memory etching"
Guest: Charlie Gullström & Ori Merom, KTH School of Archtecture

Talk: Charlie and Ori are both experienced architects and they currently teach a course for 3rd year students and the KTH School of Architecture together. They will reflect on the role that sketching plays in architectural design, both as a language within a design team and as a way to structure one's personal design thinking. Charlie and Ori will use their combined experiences from teaching to discuss the similarities between a design processes that results in buildings and design processes where the results are immaterial artifacts:

"Teaching architecture involves, in our opinion, a pact of trust between teachers and students. The pact is about personal development and involves the challenge of transformation. Students are asked to entertain abstract ideas, turn them into cohesive concepts, and in creative ways translate these concepts into physical entities while at the same time having to consider a large number of variables that both limits and structures these processes."

About: Ori Merom, Architect SAR/MSA, is an award-winning practicing architect who has submitted many successful contributions to architectural competitions all over the world. His "Practice-Based Research Studio" is an established studio at the KTH School of Architecture that annually attracts 20 students and that leads to a Master in Architecture degree.

Charlie Gullström, Ph.D., Architect SAR/MSA, is a Visiting Associate Professor in Architecture, Media, Interaction and Communication at KTH. Her research and practice seeks to go beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries in media, interaction and communication through the fusion of architecture and media technology, enabling mediated presence and dialogic interaction across time and space, i.e. presence design.

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