Friday, September 23, 2011

How many students in each project group?

Someone asked me about the project groups and about the number of persons in each group. While there were 4-5 persons in each group at seminar 3 (yesterday), we are aiming for 5-6 persons in each project group.

Yesterday the class as a whole worked on a dozen topics in parallel. We will work on another dozen topics next week. That means we will have around 25 topics a week from now, but "only" half of those will actually make it to the project phase ( ~ 70 students / 5.5 students per group = 13 groups - the executive group = 12 groups).

Some of you might want to continue to work on yesterday's topic also in the project phase (perhaps even in the same constellation as yesterday), others will want to go ahead with next week's topic and some might want to choose to something completely different.

You are of course welcome to discuss these issues (selection of groups) with your friends and classmates, perhaps "convincing" someone to join your group etc. In some ways the group formation process might have already started...

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