Monday, September 19, 2011

Guest Lecture 09 - Sept 22 (8-10) - Michael Forsman

Time and place: Thursday September 22, at 8-10 in lecture hall D3.

Title: "With a local flavor?: On "localness" and competition in Swedish radio of today and of tomorrow"
Guest: Michael Forsman, Ph.D. Media- and communication studies, Södertörn University, Stockholm

Talk: Michael will use his dissertation on inter-medial and intra-medial competition within and around Swedish local radio as a point of departure for an argument around the construction of the 'the local' in contemporary and future radio. In the second half of the seminar, Michael opens up for a discussion about the concept of localness in a non-broadcast, digital web-based radio environment.

Michael's dissertation, "Lokalradion och kommersiell radio 1975-2010. En mediehistorisk studie av produktion och konkurrens" ["Local radio and commercial radio 1975-2010: A media historical study of production and competition"] (Stockholm University 2011) is available online)

About: Since the early 1990's, Michael has done extensive research on youth culture, popular culture, television, radio and media history. He is currently working on a project concerning young people's visual self representations on the net.

Literature: Michael refers to his dissertation (see above) and his book "Lokalradio i konkurrens: Utbud, publik, varumärken" (Ekerlids 2010). Among his other publications, the following can be mentioned:

Forsman, Michael (2000). Från klubbrum till medielabyrint. Ungdomsprogram i svensk radio och tv 1925-1993. Stockholm: Stiftelsen Etermedierna i Sverige

Forsman, Michael & Göran Bolin (2001). Bingolotto. Produktion, text, publik. Mediestudier vid Södertörns högskola, 2002:1

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