Monday, October 31, 2011

Mid-term critique instructions

Here is some information that is useful in order to prepare for the mid-term critique (Monday November 14).

- We are aiming for three "guest critics" at the event. The first will be our guest lecturer Charlie Gullström. The second will be professor emeritus in Human-Computer Interaction Yngve Sundblad (Swedish wikipedia entry). Our third guest critic is architect Sigrid Zenger.

- This is the first and the last time the whole class meets between the end of the guest lectures a month ago and the final presentation a month from now. It is also the one and only time you will have the opportunity to hear what the other groups are doing!

- Each group has 2o minutes and this includes time for feedback from comments from guest lecturers and discussion. This means it will take almost 4 hours for the 11 project groups to present their stuff. Together with breaks and lunch, we have booked the lecture hall from 09.00 in the morning until 14.30 in the afternoon.

- You should aim at using around half of those 20 minutes to present your project (i.e. a comparable amount of time to what you will have at the final presentation), and leave the rest of the time for discussions.

At the time of the mid-term critique ten days from now, almost six weeks will have passed since you were divided into project groups (on Oct 4) and only three and half weeks will remain until the final presentation (on Dec 9). You should thus have come quite far in your projects! We expect you to be able to:

- Present your group/concept/core idea (Who is it for? How does it work? How will they use it? What is the business/operational model? - or other similar questions that are more adapted to your project).
- How did you arrive at this concept? (i.e. what did the design process look like, what choices did you make - perhaps exemplified by concepts or ideas you choose not to proceed with)
- What is the status of your project today? What results do you expect to be able to present on Dec 9 (and how do you work in order to get to those results)?
- What concrete, practical design representation will you develop/showcase at the final presentation? (If possible, don't just talk about it, but show as much as you can at the mid-term critique event.)
- What remains to do in your group, in your "research project" and in designing and making your design representation come alive?

The event is "friendly" and guest critics will do their very best to give you relevant feedback and constructive criticism so as to help your projects reach their full potential. The mid-term critique is however also an activity that is part of the examination of the course. Both guest critics as well as Daniel and Åke will judge your contributions based on criteria that will also be used at the final presentation:


  • Relevance for business, academic world, individuals, society?
  • Good, suitable, appropriately size of the question being explored by the project group?

Innovation hight

  • To what extent are the project group results innovative, original and surprising?
  • What are the merits, do the results have an engineering, scientific, commercial or artistic height?
  • Does the underlying idea raise the pulse?


  • To what extent are the project group results credible?
  • Is the scenario/solution presented believable, could it happen?


  • To what extent can the project group results be regarded as a well-integrated whole?
  • Is the final results and the presentation based on a well-developed line of reasoning?


  • Finish, surface, packaging, professionalism of content and delivery?

Good luck!

Daniel and Åke


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