Monday, October 31, 2011

Mid-term critique date set for Nov 14

We now have a date for the mid-term critique and that date is Monday November 14, i.e. Monday exactly two weeks from now. I already murmured something about that date in the previous blog post with the minutes from the first coordination meeting a week ago.

I will get back with information and instructions for you as soon as possible (hopefully by the middle of this week at the latest).

Meanwhile, please book this date in your calendars. This is the only time during period 2 that the whole class will meet until the final presentation on December 9, and it is thus the only opportunity we will have to see what other groups are doing and comment on it! We will use the better part of that day (09.00 - 14.30) for your presentations and for feedback/critique from our invited "guest critics".

Do note that the date is not chosen taking any of your other courses into account, so I expect there to be some problems with collisions. Therefore please tell me (in the form of a comment to this blog post) which courses you study where I need to get in touch with the teacher and ask them to try to move their activities.

- Please don't bother to comment if you read a course that no-one else (of very few others) take
- Please don't bother if you read DM2578 (my course) as my seminar on Nov 14 will obviously be changed anyway

We will be visiting KTH School of Architecture and do our presentations there. That's across Valhallavägen and the address is Östermalmsgatan 26. I believe we will be in a room called "Övre Ateljén" [Upper Atelier].


  1. The Mid Term Critique on Nov 14 will for me collide with two of my other courses. The first is AI2127 kl. 9-12, which also Roger S is taking and the second is DT2410 kl. 10-12.
    /Niklas Lind

  2. Ok, two person having problems with the mid-term critique morning session - not too bad.

    I won't life my phone and try to change another course's schedule on behalf of two people taking that course, but are these really the only collisions?