Monday, October 17, 2011

Date for final presentation

The final presentation of the course will be done in front of an audience (200+ persons). We need to decide on the date.

There is an exam period from Monday Dec 12 until Monday 19 so these are less-optimal days. Our choice is thus to have the final presentation right before (Friday Dec 9) or right after (Tuesday Dec 20) the exam period.

Both days have different things going for them. Our audience might hesitate to come on Dec 9 because they have to study for their exams. Some might on the other hand have left Stockholm on Dec 20. Dec 20 would give us 11 extra days to complete the project. And so on.

In order to resolve this issue, I have created another Doodle. Please vote on the day you prefer. It's ok to vote on both if it's all the same to you. Here's the Doodle.

We will make a decision before the end of this week - please don't postpone voting!

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