Monday, October 10, 2011

Guest Lecture 18 - Oct 11 (13-15) - Valerie Geller

Time and place: Tuesday October 11, 13-15 in lecture hall V3

Title: "Becoming a more powerful communicator"
Guest: Valerie Geller, President, Geller Media International Broadcast Consultants/Training - "Helping Communicators Become More Powerful in 30 Countries"

Talk: Join International Broadcast Consultant, author and trainer Valerie Geller to learn proven "Powerful Radio" techniques that will allow you to get, keep and grow audiences. These techniques are in use by top broadcasters and communicators throughout the world based on material from her 2011 book "Beyond Powerful Radio - A Communicator's Guide to the Internet Age".

Radio is changing and there now exists a broader landscape with more "canvases", including interactive media. Working with digital and online media opens a world of new ways to reach radio audiences. Today it is not longer about radio specifically, but what remains important is to inform and entertain, inspire and connect with audiences. Audiences leave when it is boring. Never Be Boring!

About: Valerie Geller travels around the world training radio professionals become more powerful communicators and she has worked with both Swedish Radio and SBS in Sweden from the early 1990's and on. See her 3-minute YouTube short talk after receiving the Rockwell Lifetime Achievement Award for broadcasting last year. Her most recent book, "Beyond Powerful Radio" (2011) is primarily written for radio professionals, but is also a great resource for anyone who considers "getting into" radio and it is for sale at Kårbokhandeln (on campus) for 295 SEK. Valerie has promised to sign copies of her book to students who buy it before her lecture!

Literature: Please read/look at Valeries 4 checklists as well as chapter 28 of her book, "Audio communication across multiple delivery platforms: Broadcasting, streaming, video, social media, podcasting & beyond..." (available in Bilda/Documents/Literature).

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