Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lecture notes/slides from our guests

I have uploaded all the PowerPoint slides that our guest lecturers have provided me with. They are all in the Bilda/Documents/Guest lectures folder.

Do get in touch with me if something is missing from that folder and I will get in touch with the culprit lecturer and ask for his/her slides again!

Please also note that Fredrik Stiernstedt has graciously provided us with a write-up (2 pages) of radio references that could be an excellent resource for your projects. One-third refer to Swedish-language stuff and two-thirds are in English and he has even divided his references into different categories for your convenience;
- Radio production
- Regulation and deregulation
- Digitalization
- Radio as a cultural form

Enjoy! (His references are of course also to be found in Bilda/Documents.)

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