Thursday, October 6, 2011

1st review meeting for all project groups

"Your first tasks are to get to know each other better in the group and start to discuss your topic among each other. Each group has to write a project plan (further instructions will follow) and hand it in before you have a review meeting (also referred to as a "group tutoring session" in the course PM) with Daniel and Åke either in the end of next week (week 41) or the beginning of week 42 (further instructions will follow)."

Each group has to book at time slot (30 minutes) for a meeting with Åke and Daniel to review your initial project ideas. We have blocked 18 slots and will bring a physical sheet where you can book/write your group name to the lecture today. This sheet of paper will afterwards be found on Daniel Pargman's door (house E, 6th floor, near the lunch room) so if you can't book a time today you can pass by whenever and book a time.

The dates/time you can choose between are:
- Friday Oct 14 sometime between 13-16
- Monday Oct 17 sometime between 13-16
- Tuesday Oct 18 sometime between 9-12

It's really important that as many as possible in each project group (preferably all) comes to this meeting!

Further instructions about how to prepare for these meetings will be posted on the blog later today or tomorrow. A "Project plan" will play a prominent role in these instructions.

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