Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our project groups

After today's exercise, we have 11 project groups as well as an "executive group".

Who is in which group? See Bilda/Contents/Project Groups. Do note that you can also find each other's email addresses through Bilda.

Your first tasks are to get to know each other better in the group and start to discuss your topic among each other. Each group has to write a project plan (further instructions will follow) and hand it in before you have a review meeting (also referred to as a "group tutoring session" in the course PM) with Daniel and Åke either in the end of next week (week 41) or the beginning of week 42 (further instructions will follow).

The 11 project groups are:

1. School radio/podcasts

2. HCI challenges: always-present radio

3. The audio pool

5. Economic models of (future) radio

6. Important message to the public - handling crises in a post-radio age

12. Listening habits of the young generation

13. The death of radio

15. Pay for performances

18. Bringing the Internet to radio

19. Social networks and radio

21. Public service of the future

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