Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Your revised project plans

We met all the project groups. Some groups got more feedback, other were already right on track.

Your should now revise you project plans based on the feedback you got and your discussions within the group after our meeting.

Please post your revised project plans on the companion blog ("Future of radio / Radio of the future") so that all groups will have the chance to get an idea of what all the other groups are doing. Please also state your project group name - especially if you have changed it!

You don't have to publish the whole (revised) project plan (2-3 pages). Just choose the "best" parts so that it is around 400 words long (1 page of text).

This blog post is published after we met the last groups. Please publish your revised and "compressed" project plans within a week from now, i.e. next Tuesday at the latest (Oct 25).

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