Monday, November 21, 2011

Minutes from coordination meeting #3

We had our 3rd coordination meeting last Friday (Nov 18) and will have our next meeting next Wednesday (Nov 30). Here are the minutes from our previous coordination meeting. Below is the most important information from the meeting (your project leaders might have more information).

Mid-term critique - reactions
It is useful the present your ideas to "outsiders" and to get feedback, but they should have been more up-to-date about the course (definition of radio etc.). The were suggestions for the mid-crits to have been a little earlier during the term, or to have two mid-crits, making the process more iterative.

Daniel has written a foreword (uploaded to Bilda) which answers some of the requirements above; what radio is to us in this project course, how you should think about product (your final idea) and process (your way there and the way you back your final idea up).

Each group/group leader will have access to a sub-page of the whole and information about that has gone out. The deadline for going live with the webpage is Friday this week (Nov 25). Each group should upload stuff there (according to instructions that has been sent out by our webmaster (Robert). Also, for your information, there is work going on about how to archive all the material you create so that it will be accessible together with results of future courses (Christoffer).

Unless there are Reasons, we will use the same order at the final presentation as in the mid-crit, but, there should be few presenters (suggestion: one or two personsl). Choose people who are good at talkning in English and who are engaging. In your 10 minute presentation, you can use no more than 5 or 6 minutes for a video (get boring). Dress sharp to make an impression an guests and sponsors. Keep the time and practice beforehand! Don't turn your back to the audience to look at the projector screen! Use PowerPoint (not Keynote etc.), integrate video into the presentation.

It seems we have (some) sponsors, we at least want to be able to offer coffee and cakes of some sort.

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