Monday, November 7, 2011

Minutes from coordination meeting #2

We had our second coordination meeting today (Daniel, Åke, the executive group and representatives from each of the 11 project groups). You can find the minutes from the previous meeting (Oct 24) here. Below is the most important information from today's meeting. You should all be aware of this information (your project leaders might have more information).

Mid-term critique
We be held on Monday Nov 14 - see separate blog post.

We are aiming for texts (chapters in the book) that are between 4000 - 6000 words long (10-15 pages of text). The format will not be that of a school/academic report, you should rather aim for a more popular text. You still need references to back up your text though. Malin (responsible for the book) will distribute templates and guidelines.

Each group/group leader should prepare a one-minute long "pitch" where you present what your project is about. These will be recorded next Monday, at/in parallel to the mid-crit event. The webpage (Wordpress) is being designed right now and every group will have access to their own subpage soon.

The order of the final presentation will depend on different factors, but most important is probably the kind of technical equipment different groups might need (beyond a projector and sound). Fabian (responsible for the final presentation) wants each group leader to send him a list of what they want to use at the final presentation. Fabian will, based on these requirements, decide in which order the project groups will hold their presentations at the final presentation - and we will try to use this list at the mid-term critique next Monday too.

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