Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to get your copy of the book

I have the first copy of the book in my hand and a much bigger package has also arrived for me to pick up (34 kg). So, the books have arrived and each one of you can get your own copy of it.

Me and Åke will bring the books and sit at a pub near KTH tomorrow Friday (Dec 16) between 17 - 20 in the evening.

The pub is "Man in the Moon" on Tegnérgatan 2C. It's a 10-minute walk from KTH (see below). Drop by and pick up your copy or ask a friend to pick up your copy. Sit down and have a beer too while you're at it (or the non-alcoholic beverage of your choice).

Those who can't come tomorrow are welcome to drop by my office in January (house E top floor) and pick up your copy of the book.


Monday, December 12, 2011

How to finish the course

Thank you for your presentations last week. There are two more things you need to do in order to pass the course and get your points (10 hp) registered:

1) Write essay 2 (see instructions the the previous blog post)

2) Your group has to send all material to Christoffer Å for archiving purposes.

Christoffer has sent mail to all group and vice group leaders. You need to send all your stuff (movies, audio files, cartoons etc.) to him according to earlier instructions. We will make everything accessible on the course homepage.

You will not have passed the course until you have completed both 1 (as an individual) and 2 (as a group). The (first) deadline for handing in your essay is December 20 (see further information in the previous blog post).

Essay 2 - instructions

Back when the course started, in August, I wrote the following:

"You have to write an individual essay twice during the course; in the beginning and in the end. Writing these essays are compulsory and they must be written individually."

The time to write the second essay has now come and it also replaces other forms of course evaluations. Here are the instructions:

Please download and use the template that is available in Bilda ("FoM essay 2") when you write your text. Use your family name when you name your file ("Pargman essay 2") and upload it to the "drop box" that has been created exclusively for this purpose in Bilda. Do note that you can only upload the file formats .doc, .docx (MS Word) or .pdf to the drop box.

The deadline for handling in the essay is Tuesday December 20 (23.59). That was the alternative date for the final presentation before we decided to go for December 9. If you miss the deadline, there will be a deadline on Saturday Jan 14 (last official day for the autumn semester). That should be plenty of time as the task is neither very comprehensive nor time-consuming.


1A. "Instead of a course evaluation".
- What were in your opinion the three best things about the course?
- What were in your opinion the three worst things about the course?
- What are your (three) suggestions for how to change/improve the course?
- What is your most important advice to next year's students who will take the course?

You are of course allowed to posit more than three suggestions (etc.), but plese don't answer each question with just a few words or a sentence each. State your opinions and then exemplify, explain and back them up. I will not specify a set length, but you are not allowed to just enumerate stuff without also including explanations.

1B. "Closing the circle"
Go back and re-read the essay you handed in at the beginning of the term (if you absolutely can't locate it, send a mail to Daniel Pargman and you will get it in return).

In that first essay (the instructions are here) you wrote about A) your "expectations and apprehensions" regarding the course and B) about your "relationship to radio". What has changed and what hasn't since you wrote that first essay? Did the course live up to your expectations or did you apprehensions come true? Has your relationship to radio changed since then or is it still the same?

Please write 400-1000 words (1 - 2.5 pages) on this topic.

Addition (Mon Dec 12 at 17.30): English or Swedish is ok since only me and Åke will read these essays!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Minutes from coordination meeting #4

We had our 4rd and last coordination meeting Wednesday this week (Nov 30). Here are the minutes from our previous coordination meeting (DO read them - important information has NOT been repeated below). Below is the most important information from this week's meeting (your project leaders might have more information).

All groups delivered their drafts in time last Friday (Nov 25). The deadline for final texts AND for images is Friday this week (Dec 2). Four pictures/images per group is ok. Please write down the names of all group members (make sure you spell all names correctly). The book is slated to be delivered on Dec 16, exactly one week after the final presentation. You can get extra copies of the book (Christmas presents for your parents?), but you have to pay for them yourselves (100 SEK, send a mail to Malin).

Deadline for sending material to Fabian (max 500 MB per group) is Tuesday next week (Dec 7). Video and all other materials should be integrated directly into the slide show. We will use one projector, special needs will be taken care of by the group itself. There will be a run-through/general rehearsal on Dec 8 from 15.00 and until whenever we are finished - please rehearse and practice delivering your presentation beforehand! Each group has no more than 10 minutes to present and the schedule is very tight so please respect these time limits!

The webpage is up and running. Invitations have been spread to all media technology students and to other relevant groups (media management students, teachers, guest lecturers and their friends etc.). In fact, our first external attendees (from Swedish Radio) have already signed up!

From this year and on, we will leave a Future of Media legacy on the web and Christoffer Å is responsible for collecting all your stuff and making it happen. For those groups using film/video, he wants you to send him a non-integrated version of your videos (no larger than 200 MB).

Unfortunately we might not get any sponsors, but we don't know for sure yet.