Monday, December 12, 2011

Essay 2 - instructions

Back when the course started, in August, I wrote the following:

"You have to write an individual essay twice during the course; in the beginning and in the end. Writing these essays are compulsory and they must be written individually."

The time to write the second essay has now come and it also replaces other forms of course evaluations. Here are the instructions:

Please download and use the template that is available in Bilda ("FoM essay 2") when you write your text. Use your family name when you name your file ("Pargman essay 2") and upload it to the "drop box" that has been created exclusively for this purpose in Bilda. Do note that you can only upload the file formats .doc, .docx (MS Word) or .pdf to the drop box.

The deadline for handling in the essay is Tuesday December 20 (23.59). That was the alternative date for the final presentation before we decided to go for December 9. If you miss the deadline, there will be a deadline on Saturday Jan 14 (last official day for the autumn semester). That should be plenty of time as the task is neither very comprehensive nor time-consuming.


1A. "Instead of a course evaluation".
- What were in your opinion the three best things about the course?
- What were in your opinion the three worst things about the course?
- What are your (three) suggestions for how to change/improve the course?
- What is your most important advice to next year's students who will take the course?

You are of course allowed to posit more than three suggestions (etc.), but plese don't answer each question with just a few words or a sentence each. State your opinions and then exemplify, explain and back them up. I will not specify a set length, but you are not allowed to just enumerate stuff without also including explanations.

1B. "Closing the circle"
Go back and re-read the essay you handed in at the beginning of the term (if you absolutely can't locate it, send a mail to Daniel Pargman and you will get it in return).

In that first essay (the instructions are here) you wrote about A) your "expectations and apprehensions" regarding the course and B) about your "relationship to radio". What has changed and what hasn't since you wrote that first essay? Did the course live up to your expectations or did you apprehensions come true? Has your relationship to radio changed since then or is it still the same?

Please write 400-1000 words (1 - 2.5 pages) on this topic.

Addition (Mon Dec 12 at 17.30): English or Swedish is ok since only me and Åke will read these essays!

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