Thursday, December 1, 2011

Minutes from coordination meeting #4

We had our 4rd and last coordination meeting Wednesday this week (Nov 30). Here are the minutes from our previous coordination meeting (DO read them - important information has NOT been repeated below). Below is the most important information from this week's meeting (your project leaders might have more information).

All groups delivered their drafts in time last Friday (Nov 25). The deadline for final texts AND for images is Friday this week (Dec 2). Four pictures/images per group is ok. Please write down the names of all group members (make sure you spell all names correctly). The book is slated to be delivered on Dec 16, exactly one week after the final presentation. You can get extra copies of the book (Christmas presents for your parents?), but you have to pay for them yourselves (100 SEK, send a mail to Malin).

Deadline for sending material to Fabian (max 500 MB per group) is Tuesday next week (Dec 7). Video and all other materials should be integrated directly into the slide show. We will use one projector, special needs will be taken care of by the group itself. There will be a run-through/general rehearsal on Dec 8 from 15.00 and until whenever we are finished - please rehearse and practice delivering your presentation beforehand! Each group has no more than 10 minutes to present and the schedule is very tight so please respect these time limits!

The webpage is up and running. Invitations have been spread to all media technology students and to other relevant groups (media management students, teachers, guest lecturers and their friends etc.). In fact, our first external attendees (from Swedish Radio) have already signed up!

From this year and on, we will leave a Future of Media legacy on the web and Christoffer Å is responsible for collecting all your stuff and making it happen. For those groups using film/video, he wants you to send him a non-integrated version of your videos (no larger than 200 MB).

Unfortunately we might not get any sponsors, but we don't know for sure yet.


  1. So.... It the deadline for presentation material today (tuesday) or tomorrow (7 December) ??

  2. I cant' locate that info, but I believe it is tonight, at midnight, i.e. Tuesday Dec 6 at 23.59. Perhaps Fabian could confirm?