Monday, November 21, 2011

2nd review meeting - seminar rooms

Only 8 out of 11 groups have signed up for the review meeting - the list is on my door.

I have booked the following seminar rooms for our meetings:

Fri Nov 25 13-15 seminar room 1635
Mon Nov 28 10-12 CSC library 1439 (only booked 11-12)
Mon Nov 28 15-17 CSC library 1439
Tue Nov 29 09-12 seminar room 1635

Comment: We might change the Monday morning (10-12) location if any groups sign up for the first two slots (10-11), but seminar rooms are really tight that day! If you have a Monday morning meeting, please check back here to make sure of the location - I might change/update the contents of this blog post later during the week.

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