Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Who are our guest lecturers?

At the introductory lecture, I told you we had a great lineup of guests who will come and give guest lectures during the start-up phase of the course. Up until now you have had to take my word for it, but now you can check out the schedule for yourself.

Although all guest lecturers are not 100% confirmed yet, those that are confirmed can be found on a "webpage" in Bilda (see Contents/Guest Lecturers). This page will be updated as things fall into place during this and the next week.

We do our best to accommodate the wishes of our guests, and there is chance that one or a few lectures will have to be moved. There will also be some lectures added to the schedule, and we might also cancel a few of the currently-planned lectures. You will be informed about changes in the schedule through this blog.

As a result of the feedback I got from everyone who attended the introductory lecture, I now have a much better idea of what other courses you take. We will do our very best to make sure that any further changes in the schedule will not come into conflict with AK2038 (since a large minority of you take that course). We also have our eyes on the smaller minorities who take the courses AK2203, MJ2673, MJ2613, and even on the handful of people who take ME2016. All other courses are not on our radar and will not be taken into consideration in matters that concern the schedule.

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