Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Changes in the schedule

There are so many students taking this course that I have had to book larger lecture halls. Below are changes for the next two weeks, there will be further changes in the schedule later - especially concerning the seminars.

The updated schedule is available online - here are the changes in plain text:

Week 35 (this week):
- Thu Sept 1 at 8-10 moved to lecture hall D2
- Thu Sept 1 at 15-17 moved to lecture hall B1

Week 36 (next week)
- Tue Sept 6 at 8-10 moved to lecture hall Q2
- Thu Sept 8 at 8-10 moved to lecture hall D2

And finally, something very important: Next week's seminar was scheduled for Mon Sept 5 at 13-15 but has been moved to Friday Sept 9 at 8-10. Since you already have a task to complete this week (essay 1), it makes more sense to push the seminar forward a few days. Instructions for seminar 1 will be published later this week.


  1. Where will the moved seminar take place (room/lecture hall)?

  2. We are three students that are going to Amsterdam for a conference as a part of another course between 7-13 September. Moving the seminar to the 9th means that we will miss it. Is it really necessary? What should we do?

  3. As to the location of the seminar, see the instructions for the seminar (will be published later today or tomorrow).

    As to a trip to Amsterdam, well, yes, we judged it to be necessary. There is unfortunately not much you can do except turn up to the other three seminars. We are trying to (re-)schedule them so as to minimize collisions with other courses. Sorry.

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  5. The re-scheduled seminar on the 9th of September will also cause collision with ME2016 Project management course. Would it be possible to move it to late time (e.g. 10-12)?

  6. I've found a way to fix this problem, please see the next blog post. It has instructions for how to prepare for seminar 1 and also some new info about times and places.