Friday, August 26, 2011

Guest Lecture 02 - Sept 01 (15-17) - Adam Davidson

Time and place: Thursday September 1, 15-17, lecture hall B1

Title: "The past and the future of public radio in the US"
Guest: Adam Davidson, International business and economics correspondent, radio host and producer on the public radio network NPR.

Talk: Adam will join us from New York by Skype and he will talk about the hunger for smart, long form audio, and the current lack of a successful business model to capitalize on that hunger. The old business model will surely die soon, and radio producers will need to be more creative in pursuing new ways of connecting to, and raising money from their listeners in order to create great radio in the future. Adam will also talk about NPR Planet Money, a radio show/podcast that he co-hosts and that he is the co-founder of.

About: Adam Davidson has a degree from the University of Chicago, has worked in radio for two decades and has won every major award in broadcast journalism. His award-winning radio documentary about the housing crisis, "The giant pool of money", has been named one of the top ten works of journalism of the decade. Adam is the co-founder and co-host of bi-weekly Planet Money podcast. His personal website is

Literature: To prepare for the lecture, you should listen to two podcasts and read the text below:

- Planet Money podcast #261 - Economists on federal funding for NPR
Should NPR (public radio) and this radio show receive federal funding in the US? We try to look at the question through the cold, hard lens of economics.

- Planet Money podcast #227 - Lighthouses, autopsies and the federal budget (optional)
What should the government pay for? The basic economist answer is that government should pay for public goods; things that ww all need and that will make our lives better, but that the market will not and cannot provide. The textbook example is a lighthouse, and other examples of public goods include national defense and autopsies. How about radio?

- Chana Joffe- Walt, "The tricks of Planet Money". Chana is a Planet Money reporter and she explains the Planet Money style and the Planet Money approach to making (boring) economy into (interesting) stories. The text is not so much about the business of radio, but more about storytelling and about the craft of making great radio.

Note: You can listen to the podcasts online (use the links above), or you can download them as mp3 files from Bilda.

Disclaimer: Planet Money is my favorite radio show/podcast and I have made a list with some suggestions of great Planet Money radio shows of lately. /Daniel

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