Friday, August 26, 2011

Guest Lecture 01 - Sept 01 (8-10) - Nina Wormbs

Time and place: Thursday September 1, 8-10 in lecture hall D2

Title: "Radio history - cultural importance and technological dependence"
Guest: Nina Wormbs, associate professor at the Division of History of Science and Technology, KTH

Talk: Nina will talk about the social construction of radio in the 1920's, about the allocation of radio frequencies in Europe for broadcasting in Europe, and about the cultural and political importance of radio from its inception and forward.

About: Nina has done extensive research on radio, television, satellites and broadcast technologies. She wrote the book "Radio och TV efter monopolet: En kamp om politik, pengar, publik och teknik" ["Radio and TV after the monopoly: A struggle about politics, money, audience and technology"] together with Lars-Åke Engblom 2007. Nina has a (Swedish-language) blog where she writes about technology, culture and society.

Literature: Nina refers to her latest publication in the area, "Technology-dependent commons: the example of frequency spectrum for broadcasting in Europe in the 1920's". It is published in the International Journal of the Commons, Volume 5, Number 1 (February 2011) and it is available online.

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