Monday, October 24, 2011

Minutes from coordination meeting #1

We had our first meeting today with the coordination group (Daniel, Åke, the executive group and representatives from each of the 11 project groups - but one group was missing). Here is the most important information that you all should be aware of (your project leaders might have more information).

- Due to Armada/meet-your-future-employers day on Nov 15, the mid-term critique will be moved. Preferred dates are either Fri Nov 11 or Mon Nov 14, depending what is best for our friends over at Architecture (we'll be in their house). I'll publish more info here as soon as I know what day it will be. I'll do my very best to get other stuff (courses) moved - this is the only time we meet as a whole class before the final presentation.

Date for final presentation is Friday Dec 9 from 13-16. We will be in lecture hall F2 (238 seats). The lecture hall is booked 09.00-18.00 on the day of the presentation and 15.00-21.00 the day before. There will be a test run/general rehearsal on Thu Dec 9 (the lecture hall was unfortunately booked until 15.00). Deadline for handing in material for the final presentation is Tue Dec 6 at midnight. Everything will be on a single computer/hard drive (PC). We will send out invitation at least 3 weeks in advance, when we launch the website.

Due to the early date for the final presentation, the book will (for the first time) not be printed on the day of the final presentation - the schedule would be too hurried to manage that feat. Preliminary deadline for draft versions of texts will be Fri Nov 25. Texts will be read and you will get feedback, deadline for the final version of the text is Fri Dec 2. The manuscript will be sent to the printer around Dec 9 and the book should be printed around Dec 16. An occasion to celebrate at a pub (also the end of the exam period) and hand out the books to all course participants? Daniel and Åke will write an introduction that will also functions as a framework about what radio is (to us, in this course/project and based on discussions and guest lectures).

The website will have a front page (news, countdown). Each group will have a page of their own. The idea is to do a short video with each group leader talking about their project. The website can be up and running soon and groups can work on their own pages (with some common guidelines for all groups). The goal is to launch the webside right after the mid-term critique (i.e. around three weeks from now and at least three weeks in advance of the final presentation).


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