Monday, August 29, 2011

Essay 1 - instructions

You have to write an individual essay twice during the course; in the beginning and in the end. Writing these essays are compulsory and they must be written individually. Below are the instructions for the first essay.

Please download and use the template that is available in Bilda ("FoM essay 1") when you write your text. Use your family name when you name your file ("Pargman essay 1") and upload it to the "drop box" that has been created exclusively for this purpose in Bilda. Do note that you can only upload the file formats .doc (MS Word) or .pdf to the drop box.

Deadline for handling in the essay is Sunday September 4 (23.59). That should be plenty of time as the task is neither very comprehensive nor time-consuming.


1A. "Expectations and apprehensions". Although this course might seem to be brand new, it really isn't. This is the 9th time the course is given, but it has changed shaped and morphed into an English-language course this time around. Some students have talked about the course with older students, or seen earlier final presentations, while others know very little about the course beyond the course introduction that was given earlier today. In both of these cases, it is important for us teachers to avoid misunderstandings, to adapt the course according to the participants' preferences (where possible) and to explain why that is impossible in other instances.

Please write 200-600 words (0.5 - 1.5 pages) about the hopes and expectations, or the fears and apprehensions that you had/have as the course now starts - based on whatever information you have available right now. Perhaps you have opinions that you would like to get heard about the form or the content of the course?

1B. "My relationship to radio". Please write 400-1000 words (1 - 2.5 pages) about your personal relationship to radio. What does radio mean to you? How do you consume radio (or podcasts or web radio)? What do you listen to on the radio? In what context? Have your radio habits changed lately or at some earlier point in your life? If you don't listen to radio a lot, why do you think that is? Have you ever been involved in making (recording, producing, broadcasting) radio? Are there already now radio-related issues that you find particularly interesting and that you would like to immerse yourself in (or suggest that someone else should immerse themselves in) during the project phase of the course?


  1. So if I understand this correctly then we need to make one essay that has two parts 1A and 1B? Is that correct?

  2. Yes, that is correct. You should submit an essay that contains both part 1A and part 1B. If you download the template document in Bilda, you will se that it has both, you only need to replace the dummy text with your own (longer) text.